Provincial Ambassadors

The Lights Out Provincial Ambassadors are high school and university students who represent the project in their provinces. To apply to be a Provincial Ambassador click here

Kyle Wamer – British Columbia 

Kyle Wamer is a first-year student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Physics and Math. He is passionate about learning and wishes to one day teach physics at a post-secondary level. However this fact does not mean that Kyle has limited his hobbies to reading science journals and studying. On the contrary, he loves the outdoors and is an avid mountain biker, soccer player and backpacker. This is why he is so determined to help protect the environment around him. He is also a member of the local Search and Rescue Organization and is on the Quidditch team at U of T.  As well, Kyle can often be found playing the piano or socializing with his friends over a game of cards. In the future he hopes to participate in an exchange program, similar to the Rotary Youth Exchange he carried out in 2009 to Brazil. Kyle joined the Lights Out Canada team last year, but he has followed the organization since its founding. He adores his role as Provincial Ambassador for BC, and has set high goals for himself to spread Lights Out further than ever before!
“Lights Out Canada has already taught me so much! It has been a great experience and I can’t wait to see the event take place in April!”   -Kyle Wamer, Provincial Ambassador for BC


Robin Bessemer – Alberta 

James Ehrman – Ontario  

James grew up in Sackville, New Brunswick, where he first heard about Lights Out Canada. He is currently a  student in engineering at the University of Waterloo, where he became the Ontario Provincial Ambassador. He is studying Environmental Engineering, and has found much support among his friends and classmates. In the future, he  hopes to develop knowledge and skills in sustainability, particularly involving food, energy and industrial processes. He plans to work with ecology and agriculture to inform better sustainable practices. Aside from school he loves hiking and travelling, reading, biking and running, swimming, and building things.


Meagan Betts – New Brunswick 

Meagan recently moved from Fredericton, New Brunswick to Sackville, New Brunswick where she is currently attending university. As a first-year Environmental Studies student at Mount Allison University Meagan has the pleasure of spending her days learning about her passion: the environment. Her other hobbies include outdoor activities, horseback riding, traveling and hanging out with friends. Over the past few years Meagan has held the position as cochairmen for the Youth Environmental Action Network years which provided her with the opportunity to meet and work with various environment groups across the province, Lights Out Canada being the most recent. Through her involvement in her community Meagan has, and still is developing a strong sense of knowledge about the state of the environment on a local, national and global scale. Recently Meagan’s main interest has been shale gas exploration in New Brunswick and she is excited to start spreading awareness and education on climate change throughout New Brunswick for Lights Out Canada.


Nova Scotia 


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