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On April 22, 2015, one million students will have participated in Lights Out Canada since 2005 

 Take an action. Snap a photo. Share with us using the hashtags #LOC2015 and #10for10. 


#10for10 Lights Out 10 Actions for 10 Years 

Check out the link to Lights Out #10for10, which details 10 ideas for actions that students can take at school, at home or in the community. When students share photos of the actions with us leading up to April 22nd, we’ll post them on our website and social media so that students and educators from coast to coast to coast can see how their peers are taking action on climate change together.

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Mangilaluk School in Tuktoyaktuk, NT shared with us:

Mangilaluk School Lighs Out Lights Out Mangilaluk School 2









Our Holy Name Catholic School in Welland, ON, shared with us: 

Climate change is causing many negative effect on the environment, human society and nature. Our Holy Name Catholic School in Welland tried our best to make a difference and “Lighten our footprint” by participating in many activities through leading up to and including Lights Out Canada Day.

– We adopted an endangered species, the barn owl, “Seamus”, from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation

– Students brought in loose change that was placed in a recycled container for Seamus

– Lights, Smartboards, computers, Laptops and Ipads were turned off during the school day, and

tallied on classroom charts

– Announcements were made daily by our ECO Stewards educucating about global warming

– We had “idle free” drop off Zone

– Students walked and biked to school and each class kept a tally

– We had outdoor cleanupof garbage

– Crafts were made from recycled material

– Spruce trees were planted that were donated from Rice Road Greenhouse Garden Centre

– Students brought Boomerang Lunches where they used reuseable containers and tallys were kept of each class

– We collected milk bags to make sleep mats for less fortunate countries

– We collected used batteries for “Raw Materials Company” in Port Colborne

– Old eye glasses were collected for the local “Lyons Club” to be sent overseas.

– Environmental stories like “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss were read to the younger grades with followup activities

– Stamps and Canadian Tire Money were collected for O.W.L. (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society)

– Newspapers were collected for “Niagara Wildlife Haven” which helps with wildlife rescue.

earth day mother earth table


Académie de La Seigneurie, Nathalie Denis, Enseignante responsable MHS Agriculture et Transformation des aliments/Enseignante ressources:
“Voici quelques photos de la journée de la Terre!
Pour cette occasion, nous avons fait plusieurs activités:
-journée sans lumière dans les salles de classes
-bouteille réutilisable
-recyclage de vieux ordinateurs et appareils électroniques
-journée sans déchets
-journée sans appareils électroniques (cellulaire, ordinateurs)”

Innerkip Central School and teacher Julie Durocher shared:

“Our Gr. 5/6 class in Innerkip participated in probability, independent reading, and art activities while all of our classroom lights were off! We made posters promoting Lights Out Canada before the event to encourage the rest of our school to participate. We learned a lot from your website and liked helping to make a difference!”

Lord Elgin Public School shared: 

“Here is a photo of our Lights Out Canada results.  We left it up to classes to decide which periods, and how many periods the lights should be out for.  Together the 10 classrooms had the lights out for 22 periods.”

lights out Canada results









HNMA Pictures, Submitted by Jean Ann Lambert: 

“We had a fun filled day at HNMA for Earth Day/Lights out Canada Day.
We wore green, brought litter less lunch, and planted seeds for our garden. Kids from our eco kids group presented to the younger students. We had a recycling blitz, cleaned up around our school, and topped it all off with a cake. A few days ago I took the kids to the radio station where they recorded radio announcements about earth day.”

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Father Turcotte School in Fort McMurray, AB, submitted by Lisa Hilsenteger

“Early Entry Students (3 1/2 and 4 yr olds) at Father Turcotte School in Fort McMurray, AB celebrate Earth Day and Lights Out Canada by finger painting pictures of the Earth and planting seeds.”

Earth Painting Planting Seeds










Holy Name of Mary School Pictures, submitted by Erin Fitzpatrick:
“Learning in the dark, Eco-Art and the third is playing outside in the sunlight.”

20150422_162121_resized 20150422_100911_resized 20150422_101407_resized
















St. Anne’s high school in Belle River, ON. Shared by Deanna Cullion:

“Our students at St. Anne’s high school delivered an “Energy Hog” to the classes that were not shutting off as many lights as they could. We also wrote letters to government protesting the building of big box stores across from our beloved Ojibway Park. We also rewarded students who had reusable water bottles and lunch bags by giving them a sweet treat with the quote: “There is no Planet B. Thanks for fighting for our planet by using reusable products!” We had a mascot for the day as well who helped to raise awareness for recycling. Students also have been growing plants that will be planted at Point Pelee to help restore the Savannah grasslands. Students wrote environmental pledges on leaves that were displayed in the atrium.”


Essex public school in, Essex, Ontario

Recycle art by Mme. Hawkins Grade 8 French class

Legacy tree planting at Essex public school with jk/sk and grade 7 students on Earth Day


Aidan Downey at Greenfield Elementary School:

“One day to go for Lights-Out at Greenfield Elementary, Summerside, PEI!

Today [April 21, 2015], we are doing a trash audit…..waste will be collected after snack and lunch, weighed, and tallied.  In two days we will be having a waste-free day and waste will again be collected and weighed….the class who has the least amount of waste compared to today wins an ice-cream party.

On Earth Day – Lights Out Day…..students in grades 4 to 6 will be going into the Grades K to 3 classes, as well as their own classes, and presenting what they have learned about Global Warming and what we, as individuals, can do about it.  We will also be turning out the lights.”

Garry Baker at Pleasant Park School:

“Our students have made many posters, and our lights are out wherever possible.”

Lisa Baker, Grade 3/4 Teacher at New Germany Elementary School:

“We made footprints to reduce our ecological footprints and challenged all other classes to do so too. We have been reading them on announcements daily.”

Rose-Marie Blair, Principal at Kluane Lake School in the Yukon shared their plans for Lights Out with us: 

“Kluane Lake School will ensure all lights are turned off for the whole school day.  We start our classes at 9:00 a.m. and the school day ends at 3:17 p.m.  We will encourage cold lunches for all students and teachers.  However, we are raising Chum Salmon in the school and we will keep the fish tank and filter running because the filter is powered by electricity.


Teachers Anna Mark and Patsy Collier said of Victoria Terrace School:

In addition to their ongoing eco-actions to compost, recycle and boomerang, they ” also celebrate bottled water free day, sweater day, Earth Day, and we turn our lights out for a week for energy conservation. We also track energy conservation with an integrity check to be sure that each classroom turns off light and monitors for computers. We have been an Eco-Gold School for many years in our board of education, certified through the Ontario EcoSchools website. Currently, as last year, the entire school is participating in a school wide inquiry which focuses on the environment. Last year, we did garbage and this year it is Water.”

Their school had a litterless lunch day and walk to school week, using a bulletin board to track how many students walked to school. They are presently engaged in an all school inquiry where students are studying their own questions about water. They are looking at issues around pollution, conservation, scarcity, abundance, the deal with water bottles, and water science.

Photo Credit: Anna Mark and Patsy Collier

Way to go Victoria Terrace!

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