“Lights Out is a great initiative – simple yet powerful. I encourage all schools to join in, and use this opportunity to learn more about climate change, and the exciting solutions that if offers.”

–Guy Dauncey
Author of Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change
President, BC Sustainable Energy Association

” Lights Out Canada is such a creative way to get young people thinking about, talking about and doing something about the the biggest environmental threat facing our planet. Even without going to the lights out extreme everyone can help make a big difference on climate change though everyday decisions to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.”

–Julia Langer, Director of the Global Threats Program, WWF-Canada.

“What makes Lights Out Canada so exciting is that it catalyzes action amongst young people, helping to make the fight against climate change more accessible and personal. Energy conservation has an important role to play in preventing climate change, and this campaign brings that message home.”

–Morag Carter, Director of the Climate Change Program, David Suzuki Foundation

“The Sierra Club of Canada wholeheartedly supports the Lights Out Canada project. Building a culture of conservation from high school, to city hall, to Provincial and Federal governments, is essential if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.”

— Elizabeth May, former Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada, Leader of the Green Party of Canada

“BC Hydro is very proud to support Lights Out Canada. We are striving to develop and foster a conservation culture in B.C. that leads to customers choosing to make a dramatic and permanent reduction in electricity intensity and this initiative helps make that happen.”

— Ted Olynyk, BC Hydro, Manager, Community Relations

“As the founder of a youth-run organization, I’ve been able to witness first hand the power of young people when they unite as one voice behind an issue facing our world. Lights Out Canada is a shining example of this power – proof positive of what young people can accomplish for our society and for the issues we care about. It began with one girl’s passion and then became the passion of three and in turn the passion of over sixty-five schools. The lights will be out even more often across Canada in the years to come, but hope is burning bright in our collective dream to solve the problems created by global warming and, indeed, all of the issues facing our world.”

— D. Simon Jackson
Founder and Executive Director, Spirit Bear Youth Coalition

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